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Grow Florecita

Calla Lily Cropped Orange Tee's

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The CALLA LILY TEE is back in stock!  This time around, she's orange with a cropped fit. 

Why the Calla Lily flower?  Calla Lily flowers represent rebirth and overcoming obstacles (for their ability to grow through frost towards the end of winter!). They are perennials, which means they continue to grow back year after year!  

We love this cheerful orange tee with the monochromatic orange print.

Product Details:

  • Cropped fit 
  • Cantaloupe Orange
  • Original "Nothing in Nature Blooms All Year" CALLA LILY design
  • 100%  Cotton


50% USA cotton

50% Polyester

How to use

🌼 Perfect for a park day! Post your Florecita fit on Instagram and tag us for a chance to be reposted! 🌼


📦 Orders will be shipped in biodegradable packaging within 3 business days.

Return policy


If your purchase does not work for you after all, email us at with details OR better yet-- GIFT IT! 🌼

Florecita Consciousness

Grow Florecita® is here to connect people to the beauty and power of flowers for the benefit of enhancing our mental, physical, and environmental health on an individual and global scale.

Florecita makes clear that everything you need in order to bloom is already inside of you. 

Keep Bloomin'

Florecita is here to inspire people on their journey,reminding us that this life is anever-unfolding, cyclic, and seasonal process.

Florecita trusts in thedivine timingof it all,understanding the power of the divine blueprint within each seed, and each human.