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What is Stone Paper?

"Stone paper is an innovative, revolutionary new paper made of stone! NO TREES + NO WATER whatsoever are used for its production.  It is composed of 80-85% calcium carbonate, recycled concrete, and 15-20% recyclable, photodegradable, non-toxic resin.    Stone paper is naturally white, requiring none of the harmful acids, dyes, or bleaches used in pulp paper production, which largely end up in our environment. Stone paper has a 67% smaller carbon footprint compared to pulp paper."


Environmental Impact Pulp Paper Stone Paper®
Trees Consumed (per ton) 20 0
Water Consumed (per ton) 16,000 Gallons 0
Energy Consumed 19.3 Million BTUs 3 Million BTUs (~84% less)
C02 Emissions 3,300 Pounds 1,322 Pounds (~60% less)
Hazardous Chemicals Yes None
Bleaches Required Yes None
Dyes Required Yes None
Creates Air Pollution Yes None
Creates Water Pollution Yes None
Results in Deforestation Yes None