Florecita Consciousness


Grow, Florecita is here to connect people to the beauty and power of flowers for the benefit of enhancing our mental, physical, and environmental health on an individual and global scale.

Florecita makes clear that: 
everything you need in order to bloom is already inside of you. 

One doesn’t need to search outside of themselves to fulfill their dreams,  but we can all indeed look to the flowers for guidance.

Florecita is here to inspire people on their journey, reminding us that this life is an ever-unfolding process.

The darkness that one may encounter is no different than the darkness a seed experiences when first planted, headed towards a big bloom when watered and nourished with love and patience.  

Florecita trusts in the divine timing of it all, understanding the power of the divine blueprint within each seed, and each human. 

As a being of the Earth, Florecita desires intentional creation and expansion.
She knows that this must be done sustainably, always creating with the Earth in mind.

This is why Grow, Florecita, Grow is printed on Stone Paper, which is made out of rocks and granite, rather than trees, while not using any water in its creation process.

Trees and water are completely sacred to Florecita, and are becoming more scarce by the second.

 Her pages on Stone Paper are also non-toxic biodegradable, so that when the book’s life cycle comes to an end, it isn’t harming other parts of life on this planet, nor adding to landfill. 

Thank you for your support in Florecita.

May she be a reminder to you that we are all on this Earth to grow and to bloom.